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Tuk Tuk Rally

Way back in the beginning, they played acoustic folk music, but though their feet were tapping they wanted a sound to make their hearts pound. The search was on to find their new raging sound. After many long nights, at last the new Tuk Tuk recipe was really happening. Presenting folk stomping independent rock. They recorded their first single in the spring of 1992 titled "Beirut Bar". After that came five cd singles and then two full-length CDs, to today's present date.
Together, they have played over one hundred different gigs throughout Sweden, including Sweden's most famous Hultsfreds Festival, which helped to open many news doors.
As a last release the band put together the compilation album "Då å Nu", a compilation CD rel...

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Pouppée Fabrikk

Pouppée Fabrikk is a Swedish EBM/electro-industrial project. The band was founded in 1987 by Leif Holm and industrial polymath nordvargr. These two were later joined by Jouni Ollila and Jonas Aneheim who brought a more guitar-based sound to the band; the music for a while moved away from nitzer ebb-style pure ebm and got closer to the industrial metal sound of die krupps, but returned to their musical roots again later.

In 1987, Leif Holm (drums, samples & programming) and his buddy Henrik Stahl (vocals) founded the band Pouppée Fabrikk. Some new members joined the band – Magnus Hellquist (synth), Henrik N. Björkk (percussion), Peter Sunström (drums) – but only Leif Holm and N. Björkk (vocals, lyrics) still were part of the b...

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The Sensitives


Misconduct started out when a group of guys living in the small Swedish town of Kristinehamn decided to form a band that would continue on the principles and values set forth by other hardcore bands existing in the late 80's, early 90's. The original lineup consisted of Fredrik "Ollo" Olsson (Vocals), Martin "Mört" Roed (Guitar), Daniel Andersson (Bass) & Jonas "J.C." Carlsson (Drums). The first version of Misconduct was formed in fall '95 and several months later they recorded their first and only demo "Like the old days", which was indeed old-school hardcore with their very own touch. The demo consisted of seven intense and very short tracks, which caught the attention of Bad Taste Records.

The first Bad Taste recording the...

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