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Den Sorte Skole (DK)

Den Sorte Skole is a group of DJ's from Copenhagen, Denmark formed in 2002, remixing music from both Danish and American artists.
Den Sorte Skole consists of Aage Jæger, Langefinger and LeBon.

Their first album "Lektion #1", which in English means "Lesson #1".

Their latest album is called "Lektion #2" and was released on May 7th, 2008. Whereas "Lektion #1" employed 4 turntables, Den Sorte Skole uses 6 turntables on "Lektion #2".
Compared with "Lektion #1", "Lektion #2" uses samples of even more diverse music. For a full tracklist, visit

For video of their performances, visit their official website, Read more on . User-c...

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