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Northern Xposure (UK)

Scope (UK)

There are at least 3 artists under the name of Scope

1)Scope, a progressive rock/jazz fusion outfit from the Netherlands.

The progressive rock group Scope was founded in Zwolle, The Netherlands in 1971. The band was founded by Henk Zomer (drums) and Rik Elings (keyboards, flute) who knew each other from high school where they played together in a band called Strange Power. Under this name they recorded two singles in 1971, That's the way/Turn me loose and Tenderfoot/Spring. With the addition of Rens Nieuwland (guitar) and Erik Raayman (bass guitar) they became Scope. In the coming years they play a lot throughout The Netherlands and Germany. In 1974 they recorded their debut in Germany for Negram label.


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