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TJ and The Dudelinos

Matti Norlin


Thorbjørn Risager (DK)

In the blues world, a big voice is often accompanied by a big ego (or at least a medium sized one…)
But the Danish singer Thorbjørn Risager, praised for his rough and strong voice by an unanimous choir of critics from a growing number of countries – 15 the last time we counted them - is a soft-spoken gentleman off stage. He is the leader of his seven-piece band mainly for practical reasons – to bring any little issue into a group discussion can be quite time-consuming. He is also composing most of the band’s music, and during the performance he is the obvious center of attention, even if the band has a charming way of passing round the task of introducing the songs between them, so that each musician gets his word in.


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Blå Bergens Borduner

The band started 1984 and Stefan came with his bagpipe and cello 1987. We plays tunes from the swedish counties Värmland, Närke and what we like to play at the old types of swedish old folkmusic-instruments. We had a short break between 1995-2009 and celebrate 25 years together! A cd been realized 1993 and we been nominated to a swedish grammy! We are now working at a new album, perhaps can be realized 2010

Anders Norudde: Swedish bagpipes, fiddle, hardingfela, moraharpa etc// Ulf Karlsson: Swedish bagpipes, fiddle, hardingfela// Stefan Ekedahl: Swedish bagpipes, cello, flute// Göran "Freddy" Fredriksson: Mandola, Guitar, Hurdy-gurdy Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA L...

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