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White Fang (US)

White Fang is four lifelong friends (Erik Gage, Kyle Handley, Jimmy Leslie, Chris Uehlein). Formed in Portland, OR in 2005 while still in high school, first as a recording band, then as a folk band, then as a punk band, then as a noise band, then as a punk band again. There used to be a lot of people in the band, rotating on a undefined lineup, including past, present and future members of Boom! and Typhoon.

The band has four (4) albums; Pure Evil (2008, Marriage Records), Whatever (2009, Marriage Records), Grateful to Shred (2011, Marriage Records) and Positive Feedback (2011, Gnar Tapes), two (2) 7"s; Younger (2010, Marriage Records) and Old Standard Sessions #1: Boom! and White Fang (2010, Hovercraft Records). They have pl...

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