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Sweden's Supersci (formerly Superscientifiku) have experimented with rhyme patterns and dug through wax crates since the early ninetees.

Supersci as a group has existed since 1996 or so, with producer/emcee Arka and emcee Mr Noun as the constant nucleus. A few years ago, jazz cat Erik L joined in on the production tip, adding a more musical live feel. DJ Observe spins the wax. Arka, Erik L and Obscure form the production team Flyphonic, that has produced artists such as Peter Umah, Org 12, Peshi, Fattaru and Sankofa.

On the christmas holidays of 1997/98, a few songs were recorded in Arka's bedroom. They eventually ended up on the home-recorded CD Soundvalley EP, which, despite its uneven soundscape, recieved attenti...

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