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The Moderns

There are several bands called The Moderns.

1. The Moderns (also known as 'Moderns') was a mod revival band from Sweden that existed from 1979 to 1981. It was made up of three high school friends that had previously served in the british invasion cover band Buddyboys. They self-released an EP, "Got to Have Pop", in January 1979. They also released their final 45 "Ready for the 80s" in 1980 and-- after a successful tour in the UK-- their only LP "Tro, Hopp & Fruktan" in 1981.

2. Garage rock band from Australia. Samuel John Rees fronting the band, Willi Hamilton wielding a 335 high in the air, Andre Franco slapping the bass and Swanny hitting the hell out of his skins; The Moderns are dirty Gold Coast rockers who are ...

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