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Architects of Accident

Heimat (DK)

There are at least three bands, who share the name.

1) A French duo consisting of OLIVIER from CHEVEU and ARMELLIE from THE DREAMS. Their debut album contains ten tracks of Afro-beat rhythms, cinematic soundscapes and post-punk aggression, almost sounding as if John Carpenter, RZA and The Slits made a record together. Sort of.

2) A Flemish Pagan Black Metal band.

HEIMAT was founded in 1999 by Strop and Twissak. The band has his heathen themes rooted in the own cultural heritage. Musically Heimat was influenced by Storm, Enslaved and Kampfar. The name “Heimat” stands for Fatherland in a lot of indo-german countries. In 2002 Storm (Gotmoor, Bunker, Paragon Impure, Moonlight Empire,…) joined Heimat on drums...

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