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Tim Lothar (DK)

Tim Lothar | Roots & Blues

Award winner: Danish Blues artist of the Year 2008
Award winner: Best Danish Blues Album 2009
Award nominated: Best New Folk Act 2010
Represented Denmark: Baltic Blues Challenge 2010
Represented Denmark: European Blues Challenge 2011
Finalist: International Songwriting Competition 2012
Will represent Baltic Blues: International Blues Challenge, Memphis (USA), January 2014

Born in Denmark, Tim started his musical career as a drummer. After 25 years behind his drum kit, he began developing his singing and taught himself to play acoustic guitar in order to explore classic American Delta Blues.

With an indisputable talent and great musical insight, Loth...

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Peter Nande (DK)

About Peter Nande Denmark is a long way from the Mississippi Delta or the south side of Chicago. It’s not a likely place to find a genuine mojo hand, or even your basic John the Conqueror root.

However, if you believe that blues music communicates a human condition, not just a geographical or cultural one, then you’ll no doubt take great pleasure in the artistry of Danish bluesman Peter Nande.

Nande is touring in support of his third CD, Jelly Bean Baby: California Sessions Vol. II, recorded under the auspices of California-based producer and blues artist James Harman. The CD affirms and documents Nande’s emergence as a bona fide blues songwriter, singer and harp man, and features a diverse mix of...

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