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Fabriken (The Factory) is a collection of musicians from the northern suburbs of Stockholm, with a history of playing in bands like Coca Carola, Krymplings, Fast Kids, Rolands Gosskör, Poets Republic and others. The band started as an idea to be able to sit at home and rehearse over the Internet. Songs were written and sent to each other for improvement and test mixes. The recording of the debut "Till alla er” (To all of you) began in December 2012 and was completed in early March 2013. The debut was followed up by a single released only in digital format called ”När du ligger ner, res dig upp” (When you’re down, get up) during the summer of 2013. Fabrikens third single, on vinyl, is called ”Alla felen e nån annans” (Someone else’s fault...

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Stry (Anders Sjhöholm) was born the 15th juni, 1957 in Ängelholm. The first years of his life he lived in Skäralid, near Klippan. When he was 6 years old he and his family moved to Liberia in west Africa, hence his father worked for SIDA and had got a job there. The plan was that they should've stayed there for 3 years but after 2,5 years disturbance of peace erupt. Then they moved back to Skäralid which Stry wasn't very happy with. When he became a teenager music became more important for him and in 1976 he formed his own punkband Kriminella Gitarrer after have seen the sex pistols which inspired him (though he didn't think they were that great but he liked the punkstyle). In 1978 Kriminella Gitarrer released their first legendary first...

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Stry & Stripparna

Bob Malmström (FI)

The band was founded in early 2010 as a reaction against the standard, worn out "against the system" leftist punk mentality. It doesn't have to be about how poor you are and how much you hate the system. It can be about how life is good if you think the RIGHT way. We're proud to be here making money and showing you the good side of life. Let the Dom Perignon rain, the pretty girls dance in your laps, the fast cars be run by you instead of over you and the stock exchange swing in your favor. Bob Malmström is about change, a change for the better. A change for a bourgeois tomorrow that smiles upon all who have a reason to smile. Let's make money! Let's celebrate! Let's Bob Malmström! Read more on La...

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