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Sontag Shogun

SONTAG SHOGUN ( 2006 - настоящее время), Brooklyn, New York

Sontag Shogun was borne from the ashes of the fiery phoenix. This blazing winged creature produced a wet mewling pup, crawling blindly through the slick muck that was wet, ashy birth. Sontag Shogun is, put simply, an ongoing experiment. Somewhere between a lullaby and a dirge, Sontag Shogun takes their lullanoise and tries to find the strange, eery moments that exist within beauty. The snapshot before and after a bright, wide smile. The warm gleam of bones on the beach, picked clean of meat and tendons.

Even more simply put, Sontag Shogun is:

Jeremy Young, tapes, oscillators, carpetwaves, piezo’d objects
Jesse Perlstein, voice, laptop, fiel...

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Julia Kent (US)

Julia Kent is a Canadian-born, New York City-based cellist and composer. She has written music for film, theatre, and dance, has released three solo records, and has toured throughout North America and Europe, including appearances at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, the Meltdown Festival in London, and the Unsound Festival in New York City. Her most recent solo record, Character, was released by the Leaf Label in March 2013.

Official site:

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Henrik Olsson

Johannes Bergmark