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1) Hard n heavy band from Iceland.

Petur Kristjansson - Vocals
Eiríkur Hauksson - Vocals / Guitar / Keys
Kristjan Edelstein - Guitar
Jon Olafsson - Bass
Nikulas Robertsson - Keys
David Karlsson - Drums

2) Power pop/punk rock 3piece band formed in March 2012. When bassist Pascal Briggs (DISTRICT), guitarist
Martin Bleisteiner (FRONTKICK) and drummer Chris Brief (The BRIEFS) met each other in Berlin, they formed new band and in Berlin, they recorded two tracks for their debut 7" EP. They also made first spontaneous live appearances. The "Angel Soldier b/w Better Not to Wanna Be Loved 7" is to be released on No Front Teeth Records.

3)Brazilian rap group,formed i...

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