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Regn (NO)

REGN, (pronounced like the 40th U.S. President), 22, is an electronic-pop artist and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois recognized by her ever-changing hair color and her granny-inspired vintage fashion.

Upon moving to LA last year, she quickly found herself connecting with established producers such as Felix Snow (Kiiara) and Hoodboi, with whom she would later complete her upcoming debut EP, ‘Bad Luck’.

‘Bad Luck’ feels like the soundtrack to a John Hughes movie set against the backdrop of an LA warehouse party. Touching upon the intoxicating drama of unfettered youth–the love, the chaos, and the nostalgia–the EP encapsulates a modern coming-of-age story. When REGN’s not in the studio, you’ll find her blowing her l...

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Aggrenation was formed in Gothenburg 2009, from the ashes of Dispatched & Forgotten and Melmac. The idea was to forge old school crust punk and metal together, something that had rarely been done properly since the 90's.
In the beginning of 2010 Jonte (Civil Olydnad) joined the band as the new vocalist since Tobbe wanted to focus on the guitar, and all previous material was rewritten. After only 4 rehearsals Aggrenation entered the awesome Evil Grill Studio and recorded 7 tracks, who will be featured on the upcoming 12" split with Nulla Osta and several compilations.

Soon after the recording Zacharias (ex-Systematisk Terror) joined the crew as well, and the band was complete.

Andreas- Drums

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