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Odd Nordstoga (NO)

Odd Nordstoga (1972-) is a musician from Vinje in Telemark, Norway. In 2004 he went from relative obscurity to become the country's biggest selling artist, with the phenomenal success of his first solo album proper, "Luring". The album, a fusion of pop and folk music, has to date shifted more than 150.000 copies in Norway. Nordstoga is married to Hilde Marit Kvile and they have two children together.

Nordstoga comes from a hugely musical family. Both parents, Ellen and Olav Nordstoga, and brother Aasmund Nordstoga (additionally famous as a TV presenter, radio comedian and actor in commercials) have released albums as well.

His career as a recording artist spans 8 years. He made his debut as a recording artist in 199...

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