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Aria (VE)

For the Russian heavy metal band, please ammend your tags to Ария

There is more than one artist with this name:

1. ARIA or ARIA is a new pseudonym for Asuka after she changed labels from avex to rhythmzone. As Asuka, she released two albums "SHINING" in 2003 (including the singles BRAND NEW ARIA!!!, 7days, me & my girfriend and LOVE again/NEVER SURRENDER~信じる力~) and "Initial A" in 2005. After this release she was dropped, but returned the same year with new image and new record label. Under the name "ARIA" she released one album entitled "ARIA", and three singles: Beautiful Life, Is This Love?, and Slow Jam (featuring japanese rapper 童子-T). In January 2007, a new single Fallin' was released. After release next two si...

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There are multiple artists using this name:

1) Instrumental/Hip-Hop production duo from Cologne.

2) Somali American emcee/producer YaYa just dropped his new concept album, Yahzilla... The Movie. For those of you unfamiliar with the Pete Rock approved artist, check out this joint he dropped over the summer. The 11 track album is hosted by DJ Caesar, and as you probably can tell, it's inspired by those classic Godzilla flicks. The whole album was produced by YaYa and has cuts by Violator Allstar DJ Supa. Give the album a listen, and let us know if Yahzilla is a movie you're tryna see a sequel of:
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Rosanna Munter