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Plumbo (NO)

Plumbo is back with new anniversary album "The best 15" incl. Bonus CD.
2015 is the year where Plumbo celebrates 15 years as an active touring band.
This is marked with a "Best of" -cd.
As a bonus to the many faithful fans contains album, an acoustic concert recording from the living room to vocalist Lars Erik Blokkhus.
During his career, the band has evolved from a triple rock'n roll band, to a six-man crew, which delivers breadth, variety and not least good "punch" in their live performances. Plumbo mixes genres like folk, boogie, pop, and rock, in a consistently melodic blend.
Glenn Haugen flute and accordion, provides strong identification on the band's sound, in combination with Lars Erik Blokkhus' distortio...

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