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Wentus Blues Band (FI)

Blues from Finland? Although it sounds almost unreal, from the land of Santa Claus, mobile phones and race car drivers comes a band that has played blues at its best for over twenty years. They call themselves Wentus Blues Band. Through the years Wentus Blues band has built up a reputation of being one of the hardest working bands on the road, playing around 100 shows each year.

Recently they have performed with such great artists as CAREY BELL, EDDIE KIRKLAND, ERIC BIBB, GARY PRIMICH, KIM WILSON, LOUISIANA RED, MICK TAYLOR, PHIL GUY and SVEN ZETTERBERG just to mention a few... As of today, Wentus Blues Band has released seven full-length albums and has toured in 14 different countries. The celebration of 20 years in the busi...

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