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Hellsingland Underground

*Hellsingland Underground Biography* The band started long ago up in Charlie Granberg's head. After having had some really bad experiences from playing in bands in general, and the record industry in particular, he decided to never put his foot in a studio or tourbus ever again.

"I've been fully concentrated on my art & film projects since the last band I was in imploded on the night of the millenium shift. But I've always missed writing songs and playing live, and I thought that if I ever would be in a band again, it would have to be a band like this, with friends that I really like, and enjoy hanging with not only at rehearsals, playing this kind of 70's jam band, free flowing, Allman Brothers kinda thing".

As he ...

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The Magnolia

"The Magnolia" is a swedish Soul band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Their debut album "First Time" was released in June 2015. The band has won the "Scandinavian Soul Music Award" in 2014. Bandmembers are Arvid Nero and Albin Lee Meldau.

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