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Leif Stinnerbom

Mats Edén

Mats Edén , born 1957, is a Swedish folk musician on fiddle and accordion , national musician , composer and educator. Living in Harlösa , Eslöv .

Mats Edén become interested in the traditional music from Värmland as a teenager.  This interest happened to coincide with a major revival in the Swedish folk music movement. Mats soon became a devoted part of this movement and since the late 1970s he has been a freelance folk musician. He has toured in Europe, the USA and India with a number of different musicians and groups – amongst others Groupa, Tina Quartey, Ale Möller, Lena Willemark, Ellika Frisell and Gunnel Mauritzson.

Mats Edén main role models when it comes to violin playing are Anders Rosén and Torleiv Björgu...

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