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1) Jeff Dahl's post Angry Samoans combo was a Stooges/Motorhead hybrid that rocked uncontrollably in the early eighties LA scene.
2) Mexican stoner rock band.
3) Powertrip - dirty rock n' roll where sludge meets desert from Budapest, Hungary

Eve Mate and Szandra Jutasi formed the band in 2013. While they were working on their first songs, Kristóf Szabó joined them soon on drums. They worked as a trio, 'till they found the right singer, Zoltán Makács at the end of 2013. Their first EP is on the way... Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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There are at least 5 bands named "Waste".

The First is black metal band from Sweden formed in 2003 by drummer P.J and singer/guitarplayer A.k.A. Soon, D.R joined the band on bass. Two demos were released with this lineup, "Waste" (2003) and "Banish Life Forever" (2004). In the winter of 2004 Patrik joined in bass, D.R moved on to playing guitar and A.k.A concentrated on vocals. But soon, D.R dropped out and A.k.A picked up the guitar again. A demo was released in the spring of 2005 called "No Room For Happiness Here", but since then not much have been heard from them. There was supposed to be another demo coming out in early 2007, but the info on it has been inconsistant.

The second is a very young German pun...

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