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The Search

1999 - 2002

the silverslut was formed in uppsala, sweden by johan zeitler, jonathan nilsson, tina bergström, tomas svahn, joakim jacobsson and razmig tekeyan. 6 ep's were recorded which can be found on the compilation THE SILVERSLUT, currently available for downloading only. on the last ep per tholander replaced jonathan nilsson.


the band changed their name to the search and their first full-length album THE SEARCH was released.


BLOODBATHE / BAZAAR OF LUSH LOOSE LIMBS sees the light of day and is a compilation of the 2 ep's the band recorded after their self-titled debut album.

2005 - 2006

the search played their first shows outside of sweden, touring ...

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Distant Days

Rotten Mind


There are three artists who share this name. This is also a common miss-tag for the Swedish techno act Laser Inc.

1. German disco band led by Wolfgang Hermes which released a single eponymous album in 1979.

2. The Dutch rock band Laser was formed in 1976 and has his greatest successes in the late 70's and the beginning of the 80's. A great live band and played his own repertoire composed by Bert van Laarhoven.
Guitar and lead singer: Bert van Laarhoven.
Bass guitar : Nous Tjapillon.
Drums and percussion : Rob Heeren
Technicians : Henk van Laarhoven & Jos Kuiper
Management : Ben Hogerheijde

3. Laser, a Swedish jazz act, was formed in the fall 20...

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