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Choir of King's College


The band Cambridge was founded by its front men and author of the songs Eugene Dubovoy in 2008 in the city of Vladivostok, Russia. EP Dance! I Like It was realized in Fall`08. It was made in genre of dance indie-rock and the majority of songs was in English. Single «Indie Boy And The Cow» became known as an anthem of indie-culture.

A year later, after a pause in its work and a few singles («Поцелуи ("Pocelui", engl.- "Kisses")», «Kill Your Lover») the band announced about realizing a new EP «Под Дождем (Pod Dojdem, engl.- "Under The Rain")», which is going to be quite different from everything guys were creating before. "We are back in 80`s with their cold and lyrical New Wave". Realize of the EP is planned on December 3rd,...

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