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There are at least three bands or people that use the name Oxen:

1) Oxen is one of the creations of Grzech Piotrowski – a Polish jazz saxophonist.

A more renowned idea of Piotrowski is Alchemik, a group already well-established on the Polish jazz scene. Still, between Alchemik and Oxen much similarity cannot be found.

In Oxen Piotrowski plays with his friends musicians – Marcin Masecki (piano), Darek Krupa (guitar), Piotr Zaczek (bass), Michal Dabrowka and Grzegorz Grzyb (drums).

2) An emo band from Canberra, Australia..

3.OXEN is a 4 piece rock band from Holyoke Mass. Ben Reigle (guitarist/vocals) and Hans Dalhaus (drums) formed Oxen originally to “channel their influences.” They...

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