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Moa Holmsten

A smalltown girl that grew up in northen Sweden with big dreams and major goals. Played violin for nine years but got rid of the Vivaldi and started off with punkband Gemma, who´s only groundmark was a small compilation CD of demobands, where she played guitar and screamed at the top of her lungs. Got recognized in Swedens biggest music contest Musik Direkt with the band MOA. After years in London she went to the famous Stockholm based music college Rockmusikerlinjen where she hooked up with Meldrum. Has now toured with monster rock acts like Motörhead, Zakk Wylde´s Black Label Society and Nashville Pussy and most recently Danzig. She´s a trained Make Up Artist with a total devotion for beer, ciggarettes, nasty porn, Dolly Partons voice ...

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Tony Naima


This is a record about how to see things differently, about who you are, where you´re from and who you´re with. This record is my thoughts and my tribute to the swedish deathmetalband Dismember. All the words and many of the melodies are theirs.


Why not, this is new to me. These are formulas I dont understand, words that are too long and a new way of not thinking so much. I read the lyrics and do the first thing that comes up. A new way to break my old patterns in how to do and listen to music. I didnt know where I would end up and with what. A long time since I had this much fun

What was the purpose?

Probably for no importance at all. B...

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