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Fritz's Corner

Audacity (US)

There are five bands called Audacity:

1) A garage punk band from Fullerton, CA. They play music around Orange County at parties and local venues.

They began as Nontoxic in 2002, where they played for their elementary school talent show. Nontoxic consisted of Matt Schmalfeld, Kyle Gibson, Chuck Mordaunt, and Cole Wilson. They then reincarnated themselves as The Plaid, The Attachments, and finally Audacity. In 2005, Cole Wilson was swapped for the much better Cameron Crowe who had been in The Jizz with neighbor George Davidovich. In the summer of 2007, Thomas Alvarez filled in Chuck's absence and became the drummer.

2) A short-lived UK Christian pop-rock act, who worked as part of the charity Saltmine....

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