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Prince Tribute

Loulou Lamotte


Sofia Härdig

Hard, unpredictable and beautiful!

Sofia Härdig has many times been called electronica queen. Her music has imaginary been described as avantrockimpro and electrotwistpunk, herself she calles her music electronica with roots in rock and noise. But her music subjects to no pre-label. Sofia has created a unique space in Swedish music. She conjures up her own musical landscapes, she goes where no one else has been before. Her working method is break apart and reassemble the fragments into a larger whole, something that is both more beautiful and dangerous. It is an approach that requires a combination of courage and great talent. Her artistic integrity and character makes her hard to place, Sofia music requires the listen...

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Andi Almqvist

Andi Almqvist is a multi talented Swedish musician and artist. He was born in Vienna and due to his father's work lived in many different places in his childhood, like the US, the Soviet Union and several eastern- and western European countries.

Influenced by "the raw energy of Pixies, Nirvana and 16 Horsepower, the poetry of Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Bob Dylan, and the angst of Depeche Mode and Skip James" Andi has over the last years created his own musical voice. In the past he has been the singer for a number of punk and rock bands, and in 2005 he released his first solo album; "Can't Stop Laughing". While his debut album was very raw and down to the core; vocals, guitars and drums recorded in three days of studio time, hi...

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