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Baba Stiltz

Sebastian Gudding

Sebastian Gudding was raised on jazz and crisp rolls, Daddy being a jazz musician and all; Sebastian plays the piano, bass, guitar and keyboards. During the late 90s Antiloop and The Prodigy was the name of the game and it was around that time a young Gudding decided to pursue the path of electronic music. Around 2004 he started messing around in Reason and in 2008 he released his first tracks (with a friend) on Kitefishing Recs, constituted by three remixes. 2011, Mr. Gudding has more than 30 releases on labels such as Discoteca Music, Save Me Records, My Disco Preset, Kitschy Records and West Records. He has also played keyboard in Tender Souvenirs, a postmodern shoe gazing indie rock band. His productions are playful and extremely fun...

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