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Unge Ferrari (NO)

Unge Ferrari, one of the most exciting Norwegian newcomers to look out for in 2015, grew up with everything from Craig David, Britney Spears and Usher to G-Unit in his CD player. With his music, he aims to take listeners high and far into space by combining futuristic 808-beats with melodic R&B in the intersection between hip hop and pop.

In November 2014, Unge Ferrari signed with Nora Collective, who will support him as both a management and record label on the road to becoming a prominent artist in the Norwegian music scene for years to come. His first project will be an upcoming EP in collaboration with JNS MSC/Soul-Division and Nora's in-house producers Castiel, AxXe and Filip K.

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Arif (NO)

Born in Oslo, Norway in 1986, the attention surrounding Arif (previously known as Phil T. Rich) excelled after his debut release EP "Kom, Så, Tok, Færdiih" in August 2012, where Arif demonstrated his unusually playful and uncompromising style of rap.

In early 2014, Arif signed a career management deal with Nora Collective. While working on his long-play debut, Arif released one of the biggest urban hits of the summer of 2014; “Lowkey” and in January 2015, he released the radio-friendly “Kanke Gi Opp” (feat. Magnus Eliassen), the first single from the April 2015 album “HighEnd / Asfalt” - raising the expectations for his album debut even further.

In the wake of the critically acclaimed EP, along wit...

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