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Erika Baier & The Business

The Business (US)

The Business is an English Oi!/punk band that formed in the late 70s. Their classic album 'Suburban Rebels' became a seminal record for the Oi! movement. Their biggest hit song in recent times, "England 5 - Germany 1", (based on a result of a World Cup Qualifying match in 2001), became a football anthem for England. They also took an early stance against political extremism with their 'Oi Against Racism and Political Extremism But Still Against The System' tour.

The Business first emerged off the streets of South London in October 1979, part of a new wave of British punk that was hardly 'new wave' at all. Instead, the Business, along with peers such as Angelic Upstarts, Blitz, and the 4-Skins, came out with a version of punk t...

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