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Stockholm Copperfields


Satans Kadaver


1. Power/Thrash Metal band from Cleveland, Ohio. The band released their debut "Reborn" in 2006. They released a 3-track demo in 1989 called "Rise To Power", a 4-track EP named "Rise to Power" in 2013. WRETCH released their 2nd full-length album "WARRIORS" on Pure Steel in December of 2014.

2. Doom metal band from Indianapolis, USA. Named after the last album by The Gates of Slumber, the band features two of the aforementioned band's members, namely Karl Simon (Vocals, Guitar) and Chris Gordon (Drums). The bass is handled by Bryce Clarke. They released their first album Wretch on Bad Omen Records in 2016. Lyrical themes circle around addiction, despair and loss. Loss especially is an important theme on their first album, as i...

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