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1) Choke is a Canadian Punk rock band.
With original members Jack Jaggard, Clay Shea, Shawn Moncrieff and Stefan Levasseur, Choke has toured non-stop in Canada and the USA.

Choke released their first two albums independently, Lotion in 1995 and Give'er in 1996, which was later released through Smallman Records who signed the band in 1997. Choke released Needless To Say the following year, an album that was chosen by Exclaim magazine as one of the top ten punk albums of the year. 1999 saw the release of Foreward, which charted on both the CMJ (US) and Earshot (Can) radio charts. In 2002, There's A Story To This Moral was released to critical acclaim. Slow Fade Or How...

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