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At least eight artists run under the name 'Charlie' :

1) An Italo Disco songwriter
2) An NYC Based R&B singer-songwriter
3) An English rockgroup
4) A Hungarian singer
5) A Danish "Popstars" contestant "Carina Juul Jensen"
6) A French "Chansons" singer
7) An Italian Hardcore Punk band
8) A Canadian singer-songwriter and winner of The Next Star season 4 on YTV
9) An American singer-songwriter hailing from Charlotte, NC
10) An Norwegian girl from Ski
11) A Spanish rapper from Madrid

1) An Italo Disco songwriter

Charlie is a one-time moniker of Maurizio Cavalieri, used for the release of the song Spacer Woman. M. Cavalieri was also part of the bands Firefly ...

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