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Anechoic Delay

An Alternativ-metal and Post grunge band from Sweden.
In 2011 Petter, Robin J and Anton started the first setup of Icarus. They called themself for The Scars Will Remain, but quickly changed to Her Last Breath when their first song got the name The Scars Will Remain.

Band Members:
Petter Berndt - Guitar/backup vocals
Robin Jarlegren - Drums
Daniel Westman - Bas/Being Awesome!
Robin ''Kolle'' Christensen - Guitar/Coffeemaker!
Anton Sjöberg - Lead Vocals/Growl & Sound Engineer Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Formed In: January 2000
Origins: Gothenburg, Sweden
Genre: Progressive Metal | Death Metal
Record Label: Unsigned

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Band Lineup
Martin Andreasson >> Guitar
Sam Rönnberg >> Bass
Cristian Sigurdson >> Drums
Jonas Udd >> Vocals

The band has previously existed in various constellations, guitarist Martin Andreasson and drummer Cristian Sigurdson has been a part of Bult from the get go, but not until Jonas Udd (vocals) and Sam Rönnberg (bass) joined in the year 2010 the Bult we know today took form.
Bult performs progressive metal with equal parts explosive energy as ...

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