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Göteborg Blues Festival

B.B. & The Blues Shacks (DE)

25 years B.B. & The Blues Shacks

The BB’s are masters of their instruments and make the audience feel the deep emotions that lie in the sound of hand-made R&B. Their music is fun and sweeps the listeners away.

Meanwhile they have played more than 3000 gigs, won numerous awards and recorded
twelve albums, one with a Grammy winner.

They have received numerous honors and awards including „Best European Blues Band“. The album 'London Daye' was awarded with the German Record Critic’s Award. They are touring from Barcelona to Moscow and thrilled a crowd of 10 000 with their performances in L.A. and Australia.

Ladies & gangsters: it's blues time!

Official Website: B.B & the Blues Shac...

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Stacie Collins (US)

American roots rocker STACIE COLLINS has earned a reputation as a harmonica blowin’ hell-cat who sports a hard-core honky-tonk wail and a slam-bang rock and roll band.

Based in Nashville, she logs thousands of miles each year touring the world with her band and has even spawned a Japanese Stacie Collins Tribute band.

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Kellie Rucker

Kellie is A tiny blond woman with piercing green eyes...get ready for a powerful mix of blues, country and four-on-the-floor rock and roll...harmonica that blazes and soothes the soul, and a singing voice that rises from somewhere over the mountains and sets in the midst of a hurricane. She stands a mere five feet tall, but don't let her tiny stature fool you, Kellie Rucker is a very BIG talent. Over the course of a professional career that has spanned more than 25 years, she has appeared on the bill or onstage with such legends as Dizzy Gillespie, Stephen Stills, Albert Collins, James Cotton, ZZ Top, Dan Hicks, Warren Zevon, Little Feat and B.B. King. Kellie has become a recording artist in her own right, with 3 CD releases, *"Ain't Hit...

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Mud Morganfield (US)

Muddy Waters' first-born son arrived in 1954 and was given his mother's maiden name. The boy was raised by his mother and often heard the nicknames "Muddy", "Mud Jr." and "Little Mud". Also known as Larry Williams, today he says you can, "Just call me MUD!"

Just like his old man Mud Morganfield was a truck driver with a passion for music and in his spare time he would sing with various soul groups. As he grew older and particularly since his father's funeral in 1983 (where he met his half brother Bill Morganfield for the first time) he moved towards and finally embraced the blues. Mud is his fathers son, looking remarkably similar and possessed of a fine baritone voice in the tradition of Muddy Snr. Mud cut his teeth in th...

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Travellin' Brothers (ES)