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Dutch Ska/reggae band:

In May of the year 2003, they started in Bergen op Zoom as a ska/reggae/funk-band. The first year was used mainly to search for more bandmembers and to write songs. From 2005 on it went better and the number of gigs started growing. With an own sound and repertoire, they played (amongst other gigs) at 013, Paard van Troje and Bevrijdingsfestival Vlissingen. Later, gigs at De Melkweg, Hedon and Bibelot followed, just as appearances in the media on Radio 3FM, Omroep Brabant and Omroep Zeeland. Groover also played in multiple musiccafes and on festivals and open-air podia throughout the country. At the end of 2005, the band came in 2nd place in the Dutch National Studentband Competition.
In the meantim...

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