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Pretty Maids (DK)

Pretty Maids is a Danish hard rock/heavy metal band formed in Horsens, Denmark, by Ronnie Atkins and Ken Hammer in 1981.

Over the years Pretty Maids have sold hundreds of thousands of records, but have never broken through in a major way. They have supported such well known acts as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Saxon, Nazareth and were also featured at the 1987 German version of Monsters of Rock where Metallica headlined along with Deep Purple.

The new 2006 album "Wake Up to the Real World" shows the band back in former glory. Great hard rock/melodic rock with a metal touch to it. The album includes a cover of Deep Purple's classic gem "Perfect Strangers". Pretty Maids is currently signed to Frontiers Re...

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Carpe Diem

There is more than one act called Carpe Diem:

1. Swiss independent electro-pop band;
2. French progressive band of the 70s;
3. Danish electro-pop band;
4. An electronic group also known as Lock & Burns;
5. German right-winged rock band;
6. Colombia's Carpe Diem; Czech rock band;
7. Scottish rock band;
8. Swedish punk band;
9. Hungarian dance band;
10. Metallic hardcore band from Pori, Finland;
11. An alternative rock four-piece band from Rīga, Latvia;
12 Slovenian pop,rock,ska bend.
13. A rockband from Fiji Islands.
14. A folk punk/Alt Country singer songwriter from Pensacola, FL, USA
15. An Turkisch/Azeri rock band based in Baku, Azerbaijan.
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There are seven bands named Pandemonium:
The band with the most songs uploaded on this page is the currently active swedish death metal-band. For more info see below.(3)

1. The 1st Pandemonium was a dutch hardcore punk band that existed from 1981-1986.

Pandemonium started around mid-1981 with Danny and Peter in the original line-up. Danny's brother Rowdy joined shortly after as we couldn't find a drummer. They started from scratch, none of them ever played (besides Danny a little) guitar or drums before. All bandmembers were already friends since kindergarten. At the age of 14 they went to see a UK SUBS gig in 1980 which was the final push to really start something. The first rehearsals were in the attic of Pet...

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