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Vikingarna was a Swedish dansband, formed in 1958 by Claes Johansson as "Jicco & the Vikings". In 1961, the name was changed to "Vikings", and in 1973 to "Vikingarna". The band first entered Svensktoppen in 1975, with the song På världens tak, a Swedish cover of The Carpenters-hit Top of the World. The big break-through on the list came the coming year, with Du gav bara löften ("You only gave promises"). That year, the band sold their first gold record. The singer back then was Stefan Borsch, but from the 1979 album Kramgoa låtar 7, he was replaced by Christer Sjögren. In the year 2000, Vikingarna begun to record songs in the German language, under the name "Vikinger". They were popular in Germany, Switzerland and A...

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