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Fröken Elvis

Ison & Fille

Ison & Fille is a swedish hip hop duo consisting of Ison Glasgow and Felipe Leiva Wenger, the latter one also known as Lilla Al-Fadji.

Their career started off in 1994 when Ison and Fille meet eachother in a youth club where they were allowed to record songs, however they were at this time recording with 20 other people so they did not get alot of time for theirselves.

Their career started for real in 2000 when their first song ever was released on the Various artist CD Den Svenska Underjorden (trans: The Swedish Underground), they got on to this album through Fille's brother Sabo who got contact with the swedish rap legends The Latin Kings.

Their first real hit was played on swedish television in 2001 en...

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Sintesis (CU)

There are two band with the name Sintesis:

(1)From Rosario (Argentina), Sintesis was a group of progressive rock. With jazz and blues influences, Sintesis usually sounds with wind instruments. They self title first disc was the unique album. It was recorded un 1976 and contain only 6 songs.

(2)This Cuban Band have two albums, both in EGREM, the statal cuban record. Sintesis develop a symphonic style of progressive rock. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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