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Distress (RU)

There are several bands with the name "Distress"

1) D-beat/Crust band from Russia.
DISTRESS was formed in late 2003 by four punks who have previously played in various local bands. Inspired by work of the bands in the second wave of British punk such as DISCHARGE and VARUKERS and mixing it with Scandinavian punk like ANTI-CIMEX, DISARM, AVSKUM, the band has turned towards raw and dirty dispunk as early as their first rehearsals. In early 2004 two demos, "Fuck The System" and "Propaganda," were recorded. Towards the end of 2004 the original drummer left. For a while the band was inactive. In early 2005 six songs for the split CD with punk band KOMATOZ were recorded, with a new drummer. The recording session was followed by...

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