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There are multiple artists with this name:

1.) Marionette is a Metal band hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden and formed in 2005. The band achieved recognition from placing high, and often winning, many national and international music contests. Inspired by the Japanese visual-kei scene and the brutality of Swedish metal, Marionette has brought new light to the metal genre with an interesting blend of various different genres and sub-genres.

2.) Marionette is a psychedelic indie rock band from Richmond, Virginia that "delivers melodic, driving, dramatic indie rock. Dark, playful and really pretty at the same time, kind of like that girl/guy you have a crush on.” – Star News (Wilmington, NC...

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Swedish metal outfit Aktaion formed as a project by Francis Larsson in 2010, initially as a studio-based outlet. With the band's current lineup already performing and recording together in different groups, Jonas Snäckmark (Vocals), Jonatan Ney (Guitar/Keys) and Axel Croné (Bass) organically became involved in the recording process at an early stage. Three long years later, their first full-length Throne has now been released to the public.

Throne features the intense and distinctive compositions outlined by Larsson, with additional work done in collaboration with the members of the band. With Snäckmark Aktaion found the most aggressive vocals Sweden could offer, and together with their combined experience from different music...

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