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DJ Zlatan (Serbia,Novi Sad) was born 1979. in Sarajevo.Grown in musical family,his father was opera singer,as a teenager Zlatan played a guitar. His interest for electronic music was shown those years when for the first time he heard Underworld, Propelerheads, Roni Size... Back then,that was something new for him and he was very curious to learn more about this sound. 2001 he starts to work in local underground club "Aquarius" as a lightman,a couple of years later as a DJ and parties organiser as well,also he was resident in local club The Avantgarde. In the year of 2007 he founded organisation named CONTROVERSE together with DJ A.P and DJ Danijel Savic. At the begining his bigest love was techno,so is today,but he founded himself in a p...

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