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an Indonesian Garage Band formed in 2003. Consist of Roby Setiawan (guitar), Anis Setiaji (drum), Arjuna Bangsawan (bass), and Farid Stevyasta (vocal) who came from Indonesia Arts Institute, Yogyakarta. After 6 years of well-experienced journey, the Band released their 1st full album named Manifesto Postmodernisme. Their single, Mati Muda has been on Top Chart on some local Radio Stations in Yogyakarta.

2.An Arabic artist from Egypt.
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Johan is a Dutch indie band, founded in 1990 in the town of Hoorn, The Netherlands, by singer, guitarist and songwriter Jacob de Greeuw, who initially named the group Visions Of Johanna (after the Bob Dylan song of the same name).

The name was changed into Johan in 1996. That same year the band put out their début album, Johan, to overwhelming acclaim from the Dutch music press. The band underwent several personnel changes. De Greeuw soon was the only permanent member. Johan recorded and released three more studio albums of melodic, crafty, Beatle-esque guitar pop with English lyrics that often touched on De Greeuw's personal life. The frontman suffered several bouts of serious clinical depression, the subject of many songs on...

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