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Pennybridge Punkfest

One Percent Nation

Saturday's Heroes

Saturday’s Heroes from Sweden is a high energy mix of great Punk Rock bands such as Dropkick Murphys, Bouncing Souls, Street Dogs & Rancid, but also with a poetic influence from artists like Bruce Springsteen & Johnny Cash.

People say that we sound like “Drinking beer with friends in the summer on a festival”, and that’s true because we’re all about fun sing-along live-performances were the audience are having a great time with beer and friends!

The band started out as a project in 2008 between 4 friends just playing covers of great punk & rock songs, later on we began to write our own songs and couple of months later the band were complete and we played our first gig, people liked our show and since then we’re on t...

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Tear Them Down

Tear Them Down started out in 2010 in Göteborg, Sweden, from the ashes of former members of the band NEMAS.
They got together with the intention of playing high energy punk rock
With lyrics both inspired by the degenerating political situation around
the world and their own truths, hopes and beliefs.

Their first EP "This is a mutiny" was released the 26th of August 2011. The songs on this EP was written during the aftermath of the Swedish government election and the frustration with the result. It was recorded at well known Studio Music a Matic in Gothenburg and is mastered by Henryk Lipp.

The band went on their first european tour in them summor of 2011 and also played support in their home town for...

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V8 Interceptor

In the late summer of 2008 and after numerous other musical project and way to much time watching Mad Max and drinking beer, the three guys got together in Örebro, Sverige, they had decided the time had come to really make an impact! Louder than god, heavier than a cement truck and fast as hell!

On stage the V8 Interceptors are a true energy injection. Hannes pressing his lungs to the edge of passing out while he’s forcing fast riffs trough the speakers and into your head.
Robert’s heavy bass lines punching you in the chest and Basse playing drums like there was no tomorrow. This is something more than just punk-rock, this is a true power demonstration

V8 Interceptor is:
Lead vocals and guitar – Hannes...

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Fru Fortuna