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Sixpack Hudiksvall

Black and Blue

1.) Black And Blue is a hardcore band from Chicago, IL, with former/current members of Plan Of Attack, Thought Crusade, and RazorxFade. Their sound takes cues from late-80's NYHC. They released a demo in early 2011. Think of Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front.

2.) Black and Blue are a U.K based punk/hardcore band. They play fast, aggressive hardcore straight from the heart. The band clearly draw influences from bands such as; Boston legends Give Up The Ghost/A.N., Converge, and Count Me Out. This evident in the sound that they create. Its no-nonsense, and it hits hard.

They got back together in early 2009 and have a split 7" coming up with Atlantic Hearts, to be released on Fist In The Air Records. The tour are touring togeth...

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