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Smzb (CN)

SMZB (生命之饼, shēngmìng zhī bǐng ), Wuhan punk band, founded in 1997, as the first punk band in WuHan, one of the earliest punk bands in China.

It had 3 members at first and they had been playing in some underground places for a long time.

SMZB has experienced some member changings. By the end of 2002, they became a 4-member band until now.

Now the band concists of:

Vocals & Guitar: Wu Wei
Guitar: Ning Hao
Bass: Yan Ji
Drums: Hu Juan
Bagpipe & Tin Whistle: Tang Leicheng

Their music style has changed a lot as well as their members changed.
After all these changes, now they have their own certain style.

The band have given out many album, but because o...

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