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The Low Anthem (US)

The Low Anthem are a folk quintet which formed in Providence, Rhode Island, United States in 2006. The band currently consists of Ben Knox Miller (vocals, guitar), Jeff Prystowsky (drums, bass, vocals), Florence Wallis (violin, vocals), Bryan Minto (guitar, harp) and Andy Davis (electric piano). The band has released five albums: "The Low Anthem" (2006), "What the Crow Brings" (2007), "Oh My God, Charlie Darwin" (2009), "Smart Flesh" (2011) and "Eyeland" (2016).

The band's lineup has changed frequently during its career, with founding members Miller and Prystowsky being the only constants. Former members include Dan Lefkowitz (guitar) (2006–2007), Mat Davidson (bass) (2009–2011), Jocie Adams (vocals, organ, clairinet) (200...

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