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There has been at least 5 different bands named Souls.

1. A current band featuring former members from the bands Kerbdog and Wilt.
2. A disbanded Swedish noisy but poppy band from the 90's.
3. A hard rock outfit from Bristol, UK.
4. A mellow rock band from Bangladesh.
5. A Christian band from Park Community Church of Chicago.
6. Hardcore Punk Band from Rapid City South Dakota

1. Souls is a hard rock/alternative band formed in 2011 with former members of 90's legends Kerbdog, and the great alternative rock band from the early 2000s Wilt. Souls is preparing to release their debut EP titled "Wreck", and their sound is very reminiscent of the early Kerbdog material. Great heavy riffing wi...

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Her Majesty

There are at least three bands called Her Majesty:

1. Her majesty is a Swedish indieband.

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Alternative country inspired rock, avoiding the great americana clichés. Lyrics as well as composition is like a kind of delicate LO-FI inspired rock orchestra in the american country side.

To say so, they started in the LO-FI rock style ("For sale by owner" 1997) and has through creative endeavours also brought in instuments and tones from the classical orchestra, such as trumpets and violins ("Plains, plateaus and mountains" 1999). Before their debut, they produced a number of EP's collected in "A Mexican Car In A Southern Field" 1997.

There's very strong songwriting in their work, which their album ("Her, the city et al" 2001) vitness, the last one before front figure and singer Christian Kjellvander left for a ...

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Garmarna is a Swedish folk-rock band.

Formed in 1990 in Sundsvall, Sweden, as a trio featuring Gotte Ringqvist, Stefan Brisland-Ferner, and Rickard Westman, Garmarna was inspired by Olov Johansson's musical score for a production of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Their debut album, Vittrad ("Withered"), released in April 1994, was nominated for a Swedish Grammy.

The original trio was soon augmented by percussionist Jens Höglin and singer Emma Härdelin. In 1996 the band released their second album, Guds Spelemän ("The fiddlers of God") which received the Swedish Grammy award as Album of the Year.

Since then, Garmarna has published three more albums: Vedergällningen ("Vengeance") in 1999, Hildegard von Bingen in 2...

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