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Birchwood Sparks


Right now there are 4 bands with the name TENEMENT.
One is located in
(1) Berlin (Germany),
another one in
(2) Dundee (Scotland), another from
(3) Neenah/ Appleton, Wisconsin (United States), and finally one
(4) Bristol (England).
They are all playing different kind of music:

(1) tenement (Germany): Indie/Rock/Pop
(2) Tenement (Scotland): Rock/Indie/Punk
(3) TENEMENT (United States):
Hailing from Appleton, TENEMENT play punk-rock similar to the more melodic side of SST spliced with the early sound of the Twin Cities. A beautiful mix of early Hüsker Dü’s ferocity, DINOSAUR JR's guitar soloing and distortion, and THE REPLACEMENTS youthful energy, TENEMENT stand out in a mode...

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