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Fritz's Corner

Black Mass (MA)

There are three bands with the name Black Mass:

1. The Frederick, Maryland based Black Mass Formed in 1987. They play Black/Death metal with guttural vocals. They have so far released:

Demos, Splits and EP's:
Of Death demo - 1987
Death Will Reign - demo 1992
Dais of Blood demo - 1997
Experiments in Pain demo - 1997
Cut Your Heart Out for Satan EP - 2001
Hymns for the Sabbat demo - 2004
Alliance of Evil Split w/ Hellraised - 2004
Defiling the Masses Split w/ Defile - 2007

Full Lengths:
To Fly with Demons - 2002
Voices of Fate - 2003
Conquering Legions of Astaroth - 2005

2. Death Metal/Grind from Leeds UK. Transcending the ...

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There is more than one band called ACID:

(1) An Austrian rock band of the early 70's.
(2) A speed metal band from Belgium, founded in 1980.
(3) A hardcore punk band from Tokyo, Japan and existed from the late 80's to the early 90's
(4) A Japanese rock band founded by Siam Shade's former vocalist, Hideki in 2003 (see ACID).
(5) A french rapper or band.
(6) A Polish drum & bass DJ.
(7) A Romanian rapper from Brasov.
(8) A psychedelic rock group from San Francisco.
(9) Powerpop band from New Jersey
(10) A hard rock/metal duo from South Carolina.

(1) Acid was an Austrian rock band of the early 70s. It was founded by Herbert Novacek (v, b), Robert Ponger (k, p, Hammond B3) and...

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