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Fritz's Corner

Black Mass (MA)

There are three bands with the name Black Mass:

1. The Frederick, Maryland based Black Mass Formed in 1987. They play Black/Death metal with guttural vocals. They have so far released:

Demos, Splits and EP's:
Of Death demo - 1987
Death Will Reign - demo 1992
Dais of Blood demo - 1997
Experiments in Pain demo - 1997
Cut Your Heart Out for Satan EP - 2001
Hymns for the Sabbat demo - 2004
Alliance of Evil Split w/ Hellraised - 2004
Defiling the Masses Split w/ Defile - 2007

Full Lengths:
To Fly with Demons - 2002
Voices of Fate - 2003
Conquering Legions of Astaroth - 2005

2. Death Metal/Grind from Leeds UK. Transcending the ...

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There is more than one band called ACID:

(1) An Austrian rock band of the early 70's.
(2) A speed metal band from Belgium, founded in 1980.
(3) A hardcore punk band from Tokyo, Japan and existed from the late 80's to the early 90's
(4) A Japanese rock band founded by Siam Shade's former vocalist, Hideki in 2003 (see ACID).
(5) A french rapper or band.
(6) A Polish drum & bass DJ.
(7) A Romanian rapper from Brasov.
(8) A psychedelic rock group from San Francisco.
(9) Powerpop band from New Jersey
(10) A hard rock/metal duo from South Carolina.
(11) A visual kei rock band formed in Nagoya, Japan

(1) Acid was an Austrian rock band of the early 70s. It was founded by Her...

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