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Klubb Bonewrecker

Gutter Demons (CA)

Three years since their unholy birth, the Gutter Demons have been tearing up the scene across Canada and the States with their intense stage shows, raucous rock n’ roll music,
red-blooded rockabilly roots, punk potency, and downright dirty musicianship.
Becoming Canada’s most recognized disciples of Macabre, they have quickly gained a strong following by playing their unique brand of mutant Psychobilly.

Winter 2002 saw the birth of Gutter Demons which started as a side project put together by
the members of Neo-Rockabilly band Rosekill.
It was clear from day one that the voodoo rhythm of Custom Pat, the frenzy bass slapping of Flipper, and the riffs & roars of sick minded Johnny Toxik, would have to be prea...

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